Ed. Weekend Homework


Jackson S., Staff Writer

Weekend homework is every student’s least favorite aspect of school, but is it really necessary? I don’t think so. For one thing, there are many sports teams for middle schoolers in Redlands and there are many people who play on them. Since almost all team sports in Redlands have weekend games regularly, students are forced to juggle homework and extracurricular activities. Some people may say that it should be easy to fit in both, but that only goes for some students. Many students struggle with their homework on a daily basis, and it sometimes takes them up to 3 hours. Combine this with up to three hours of sports, and any family trips that often occur on weekends, and it becomes very difficult to handle homework. Now, obviously not all kids play sports or have trips over the weekend, but in a class of 30 kids, it’s impossible to guarantee that all of them have the same weekend plans or activities, and it isn’t fair if some students have homework while others don’t. The only obvious solution is no weekend homework. Additionally, the weekends are an important time to unwind from an often stressful week of school. Giving a student weekend homework would take away from the two days of much needed downtime.  Luckily for Cope, there are not many teachers who give weekend homework, but this is still a problem at times. Taking these points into account, it’s obvious we should not have weekend homework.