Mandela Effects


Krista L., Publicity

Have you ever heard of the term “Mandela Effects?” If you haven’t, it is a theory of a parallel universes, based in the idea because several people have similar alternate memories of past events. There are several examples of the mandela effect that are bound to trip you out and question whether this is true. Here are mandela effects that you probably never heard of:

  1. Berenstein Bears with an “e” is actually spelled with an “a” (Berenstain Bears)
  2. White Out is spelled “Wite Out”
  3. “Jiffy” Peanut Butter never existed. It’s actually spelled “Jif.”
  4. In Snow White, the mirror never said, “Mirror Mirror on the wall.” Instead it said, “Magic Mirror on the wall.”
  5. Oscar Meyer is actually spelled with an “a” (Oscar Mayer)
  6. In the song “We are the Champions,” most of us remember the lyric, “of the world” at the end. However, this lyric never existed.
  7. The Monopoly Man never had a monocle.
  8. The tip of Pikachu’s tail was never black. It was always yellow.
  9. Curious George never had a tail.
  10. Fruit Loops is actually spelled, “Froot Loops.”