Mom, Can I Borrow Your Jeans?


Abigail L., Distribution

Loose, high waist jeans have been bringing their A-game this year, almost as much as during the 80s. These back-in-style-jeans, previously called as “mom jeans”, are somewhat tight around your waist, wider around your bum, and a little baggier around your legs. During the 80s, many women wore these jeans, but later in the 90s, people began to take a disliking towards them because they were baggy and didn’t “help shape their figure”—though it did help make it look as if you have a heart-shaped bum. Despite the negative opinions, women wore these pants in different styles; it now influences how we dress today.

One of the ways women have styled their jeans is cuffing the ends. This look was known to be the “tight rolled jeans” or “peg legs” that are still popular. Many women and males cuff their pants, whether it’s mom jeans or not, rolling the ends of jeans have taken an impact on fashion since the 80s. Nowadays, people roll up their jean ends just because of looks, or because it’s longer than the length of their legs.

Teens, kids, and adults might argue that these high waist jeans are unbelievably gross and do nothing to help their figure, but these pair of blue jeans does actually benefit your body. It definitely shapes your bum and hip, making them look wider, showing off your curves.  Mom jeans are also easy to slide on— it won’t take a million years to shimmy on your pants. This shows how much these “ugly” pants are worth in the fashion industry.

In conclusion, high waist jeans are definitely not dead in fashion. They have influenced on fashion today, and show off your beautiful curves while being comfortable and easy to put on. Loose high waist jeans, also known as “mom jeans” are important and remain alive in this century of fashion.