Things That Would Improve the School


Wilson Rose Garden, Wilson, North Carolina

Ashlynn L

  • Let students eat inside the cafeteria during lunch

I have never really be given a clear answer on why we are not allowed to eat inside the cafeteria during lunch, but I personally think it would be nice to eat inside. When it gets really cold, or when it gets really hot, it would be nice to have protection from the weather. Letting students eat in the cafeteria would give them another area to sit beside the ground.

  • Get new sports equipment to use during lunch

Students want to be able to play sports at lunch but the deflated, torn sports equipment it makes it hard. Perhaps the school could replace them with newer sports equipment so that students could better enjoy playing sports at lunch.

  • Plant flowers around school

Students at cope feel the campus has been lacking in the gardening department. The school used to have a beautiful rose garden in front and I think it would be wonderful if that would get replanted. Perhaps the gardening club might be able to help with this because I pictures of what it used to look like are so pretty.

  • Fix the flooding areas of school

Since it has been raining a lot this year, everyone can tell that there are many areas of flooding around the school. Because of this, many students have to walk through the puddles, or they try to walk around the huge puddles, usually through mud.

  • Give 6th graders dances

Many students from all grades feel it would be nice to give all grades dances. ASB should replace the movie matinee with a dance for 6th and 7th graders. The movies played at these movie matinees are usually movies that are popular and old so almost everyone has seen them.