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  • May 31We will be clearing out lockers and checking in school issued locks on Friday, June 2th. Bring a bag to clear out all of your belongings.

  • May 258-14 year olds:Check out the summer music academy on July 17-28th. For more information pick up a flyer in the student center.

  • May 8You can still buy a Cope shirt for only $13 with ASB Sticker or $15 without.

  • October 31Buy a yearbook now. Click on the link on the Cope web page.

  • September 27College Wear Wedenesday! Wear your favorite college clothes every Wednesday!

Kobe AD vs. Harden Vol. 1

Ian T., Layout

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Looking for new basketball shoes or new kicks for your collection? Well, you may have come across these two shoes, the Kobe AD’s and Harden Vol. 1’s. If you’re on a budget, it’s not a good idea buying these shoes because they’re both $160. Now time to talk about what is the better shoe. For traction, Kobe’s take the win because on clean courts they are both good. When it comes to dusty courts, Harden’s start to become slippery. To the most important part is comfort, Harden’s take the win. When it comes to fit, Kobe’s are a little bit tight. If you have a wide foot, I recommend getting a half size bigger, but if you have a narrow or normal foot, you could get your true size. Kobe wins best fit. For support and stability, both shoes get a tie except when it comes to stability, Kobe’s take another win. Buying basketball shoes are all up to you on what you like. Good luck getting new shoes!

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Kobe AD vs. Harden Vol. 1