Happy National Nothing Day!?


Krista L.

There are many holidays throughout the year, such as Christmas and Thanksgiving, but did you know that every day is a holiday? Here are some interesting holidays happening this week!

January 16, 2017:
National Nothing Day
Appreaciate A Dragon Day
Elementary School Teacher Day
January 17, 2017:
Judgement Day
Kid Inventors’ Day
National Hot Heads Chili Day
January 18, 2017:
National Pecking Duck Day
National Winnie the Pooh Day
Thesauras Day
January 19, 2017:
National Popcorn Day
Good Memory Day
Tin Can Day
January 20, 2017:
Inauguration Day
National Cheese Lovers Day
National Buttercrunch Day
January 21, 2017:
National Hugging Day
Squirrel Appreciation Day
National Granola Day
January 22, 2017:
National Hot Sauce Day
National Blond Brownie Day
National Polka Dot Day
What do you think about these holidays? Which one would you celebrate?