Solutions to Health Class


As stated in a previous article of mine, I believe there is a problem with health class. I talked about how we do the same openers every year and how health class takes away our physical education time. The students have to go sit in tight quarters with nothing to write on for about four weeks at the beginning of the year. So I have decided to come up with some solutions to health class that would make it tolerable.

For starters what if the teachers split the classes up instead of taking all of the students to the multipurpose room. Most of the teachers just stand around anyway so why not have two classes go to the multipurpose room, one class go to the lecture hall, and the other two can borrow teachers’ class rooms who have a planning period that hour? This would make the classes easier to control for the teachers, allowing less time to be wasted by trying to quiet everyone down.

Secondly, they could give the students clipboards at the beginning of the hour and collect them back at the end of the hour. This would give students something to write on when they are doing the worksheets or openers.

This brings me to my next, which is that the P.E. teachers should at least give the students a different set of openers each year. Rewriting the same paragraphs about the same questions makes it boring, while writing answers to different openers would make it interesting.

Finally, the P.E. teachers could allow the students to have flag football Fridays or on the coolest day of that week. Most students would really enjoy not having to sit around for at least one day during the week and they could get their exercise in since we are supposed to be doing physical education.

These are some things I came up with to help make health class more tolerable for students. If these solutions were put into place it would help make the four weeks at the beginning of the year much less boring.