The Horrible, Terrible, Scary, Unmerry Hat Rule


Ashley P., Assistant Editor(online)


hat2Imagine this: You have just been on an amazing vacation. To remember the trip by, you want to buy a souvenier, so you go to a gift shop and see an awesome looking hat for a great price. Naturally, you buy the hat and are very pleased with your keepsake. The next day, you come to school wearing an outfit and your new hat. Unfortunately, some teacher says that you have to take off your hat because it is against school rules. Disappointed, you take off your hat and are upset the rest of the day.

School rules are somewhat understandable and are put into place for the safety of the students, but how can wearing a hat put safety in jeopardy? Of course there are other reasons as to why students cannot wear hats, such as innapropriateness, but the chance that a student would wear an innapropriate hat to school, especially when being given the privledge to, is very slim, and if they did, a staff member would surely take care of the matter.

So, why then, can students not wear hats to school? Hats are great for blocking out the mesmerizing, scorching sun in the summer and spring, and beanies are great for keeping warm in the autumn or winter. And, as an added bonus, they add a great sense of style to an outfit. I don’t see why students shouldn’t be allowed to wear hats. Not only hats, but hoods on jackets aren’t even allowed! Personally, I find the issue to be extremely ridiculous. Schools say that they are working toward getting rid of this nonsense rule almost every school year, yet no action has been taken or put into place to keep a true statement.

I think that, with a few exceptions, hats should be allowed to be worn if students make a promise to wear appropriate items. There are many positive things about hats that staff fail to recognize. More so, other clothing items have been forbidden to worn. Some clothing items that have been banned are actually for a good reason, such as too much exposure of the skin, but hats and other accessories have been banned without a few worthy reasons. Students should be allowed to express themselves through an appropriate manner, and again, with a few exceptions, I for one firmly believe that hats should be allowed at school.