Big Buck Players

Rishi S., Staff Writer

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Big Buck Players

By Rishi S.

      A soccer transfer is where a player is bought from a club by another club. There can also be free transfers, but I am not focusing on that in the article. There were some really expensive soccer transfers this summer. I thought some of these transfers were ridiculous because of the price and position. This year the record for most expensive player was broken.

The first transfer is Sadio Mane who was bought by Liverpool. He was bought for about $34 million. He is one of the cheapest players on this list and is doing very well for his price. He scored four goals and got three assists, but is a great buy on Liverpool’s part. Here comes the most disappointing buy of all time, Paul Pogba. He is doing terrible; he barely scored in the first few games. This transfer breaks the record for most expensive. For the hefty price of $100 million he is a major disappointment. In Juventus he was scoring a lot more. This is not surprising considering he was bought by Manchester United; they make the worst transfers. Mats Hummels was bought for about $34 million by Bayern Munich. This is a ridiculous deal Bayern Munich bought Hummels for a cheap price I think $60 million would have been a good deal for Borussia Dortmund, but what a steal by Bayern Munich. Granit Xhaka cost about $40 million. I don’t think this was a good buy by Arsenal because they are barely even playing him. If you are going to buy the third most expensive player in Arsenal’s history, you should put them on the pitch Michy Batshuayi was bought for $43 million. This is an excellent price for a young super star. One of the more expensive transfers was Higuain at $99 million. He was bought by Juventus. This was a terrible deal because first, he is worth $70 million, and second they already have a world class striker, Dybala, and third they should have spent that money buying a replacement center midfielder to replace Paul Pogba, like Gundogan. These are some of the most expensive soccer transfers this season.