Editorial: Trump: The Brighter Future


Danny B., Layout Editor

     Donald Trump is a very controversial subject in politics today. Many people view him as a crazed maniac with no filter. However, other people believe that his unorthodox political style is exactly what Washington D.C. needs. He may, “Shoot from the hip,” which often leads to him being shot in the foot, but people are tired of the lies that both political parties have used to get themselves re-elected.

    “Make America Great Again,” is Trump’s motto. A majority of people believe the country is heading in the wrong direction. That does not mean that all want to go where Trump believes we should go however, they all want change, and some hope would be nice too. On Trump’s website, he discusses the main issues that are affecting our country today. He views the establishment in Washington as corrupted by the lobbyists from large corporations and the politically connected. Their money is the source of the broken “pay to play” system we currently have.  Trump believes that America has been taken advantage of in our trade deals and wants to make those deals more profitable for America. We have seen problems with attacks on law enforcement from NY to Dallas. Trump believes that these attacks are a result of a lack of appreciation and respect for police officers. He is big supporter of the 2nd Amendment, and he stated he would undo the gun control law established by Obama. Trump is a bit of an isolationist and doesn’t want to spend trillions of dollars on war. He wants to create a large military, and become more powerful so that “no one will mess with us.” This will save the government more money, create more jobs, make the country safer, and save lives all at the same time. He also wants to use the money we waste on foreign wars to invest in America. He could use some of this money to erase the National debt and create jobs to help us young Americans make money to get to college. Trump made a statement saying that, “I will end common core. It’s a disaster.” If you don’t like anything else he says, as a student, you should at least agree with him on that. Trump also says that he will, “Make it easier for families to afford college so students aren’t buried in debt.” Trump is looking out for YOUR future.

    Living in California, the state with 28% of the country’s illegal immigrants, Trump’s immigration policy is his biggest and most controversial topic relevant to us. He rose to the top of the Republican field by being tough on illegal immigration stating the he would deport all illegal residents. He also plans to build a BIG WALL that the Mexican government will pay for, and who knows, maybe he could get the terrorists that are attempting to use the southern border to chip in as well. He has since ameliorated his stance on deportations, but that BIGGER, BETTER WALL is still part of his platform. He is after all, a billionaire from building things. He just can’t help himself!