Middle School Sports Teams



One reason most people are excited for high school is because they get a chance to try out for different sports. The problem is that sports are very competitive because players can get scholarships. Some people won’t be able to make the team if they don’t have enough experience, either playing a sport or playing with new people. Other kids really want to try the new sports they learned in PE, but their parents don’t want to waste money just for them to decide that they are not that into it. This is why I believe that the middle schools should bring back sports teams. Cope Middle School actually used to have sports teams, but they were disbanded many years ago. Sports teams may have been disbanded because of budget cuts, because it costs money to pay teachers to coach teams. However, if some teachers wanted to volunteer and split the time they coached it may be possible.

First the teams would be able to play schools within the Redlands school district, like Beattie, Moore, and Clement. This means we could get a chance to show that we are better than these other middle schools since we apparently could not beat Moore in the Read-a-Thon. Players could wear their PE uniforms to take away the cost of that and parents could drive the kids to the games. Sports like soccer, volleyball, basketball, and other sports could be added too.

Also sports teams in middle school would teach the students things like good sportsmanship and how to balance school work with other things. Sports teams could also keep kids out of trouble and keep them doing well in classes because they would have to be above a certain grade point average. They would introduce students to new people who share a common interest. One of the most important things that sports teach people is not only how to win but how to lose. It teaches people that everyone makes mistakes and while some mistakes will not matter others will even though the same thing could have happened. Sports teams will also teach students how to work with other students they may not like.