Red Ribbon Week


Ashley P., Assistant Editor(online)


In honor of saying no to drugs, Cope and many other schools around the nation host Red Ribbon Week. Red Ribbon Week is a fun way to show students how to say no to drugs, how not to get involved with them, and is a way to educate students about all the negative things that drugs will do to you if consumed by having fun spirit days every day of the school week. Cope’s Red Ribbon Week starts Monday, October 24th, and ends on Friday, October 28th. Monday’s spirit day is “Sweats Day”, where students can wear sweatpants and sweatshirts. Tuesday is “Crazy Day”, where students will dress crazily and come to school with crazy hair. Wednesday is “College Wear/ Career Day”, where students an wear any outfit that represents a job or college. Thursday is “Decade Day”, where students can dress in clothes from way-back when. And finally, Friday is “Wear Red Day”, a famous spirit day that most schools perform where students can wear any form of red. Drugs are a negative, and these spirit days are Cope’s way of showing that.