REV Vs. RHS: The Smudgepot Game

Emma M., Staff Writer

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This Friday, October 7th,is the 2oth annual REV versus RH Smudgepot Game. In 1996, the first Smudgepot game took place. Redlands High School won the first game 55-0. Then, RHS went on to win the next 5 games.   As of today, REV has won ten Smudgepot games and RHS has won nine. If RHS wins this year the teams will have a tie.  However, the Smudgepot Game isn’t just about football. Almost everyone in Redlands comes out to watch, even people who go to CVHS. High schoolers cover themselves in paint and scream at the top of their lungs rooting for their school. The Smudgepot Game has had a bigger turnout every year. The amount of people who come has grown so large that Friday night’s game is going to be at the University of Redlands.