Hey, you! Yes, you! Have you ever wished that all of your classes should be nothing but math? Do you ever think about math in your sleep, practicing it in your dreams for 48 hours a day to save time? Fear not, math club is by your side!

But what about math club is so great? Why not join a tutoring program instead? Well, obviously, for one thing, we are cooler than all those tutors you see on the street. Professionalism? Pfft… math is rad! Why the need for tidiness? Who wants to listen to boring lectures when you could be listening to unhelpful (but absolutely epic) lectures instead?! After all, we provide you the services of:

  1. Having fun with your tomodachis! UwU
  2. Accelerated math learning
  3. Customary glucose consumption (what does that mean?? smh honors children)
  4. Watch high schoolers bicker
  5. Something else here idk

Even if this chaotically unstable curriculum may be a teensy bit too much for you… well, I guess we can’t do much about that. Actually, maybe we can. You’re legally obligated (by me, the writer) to join the math club once you read this. Woopsies!

As for where to find us, be sure to come to M-57 every Wednesday from 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM! If you miss it… well, too bad! Anyways, come enjoy math club!!! ^U^