Kiki’s Delivery Service: FIrst-Time Impressions


aya f, phd of opinions

In an era of high-action cinematic universes, 1000-chapter epics, or even surreal dark comedies, sometimes, a simple story that takes you back to a more relaxing world is all you need to feel satisfied.At first, I didn’t expect much from this story; maybe a cute and simple story, maybe with a few tears on the way? But when I took the remote and turned off the TV after watching it… I was genuinely in awe. I’m not here to act like a salesman trying to make you watch the movie, but I am definitely here to act like a salesman trying to make you watch the movie. 

So to begin with, what’s this Kiki’s Delivery Service thing supposed to be? It’s no delivery service, but it is a fun movie to sit back and watch, whether you’re a first-time viewer or a veteran of the arts of Ghibli films. It’s a story about a 13-year old witch, learning to mature in an independent environment in the city as part of a training for becoming a proper witch, setting up her own delivery service to queel her feeling of a lack of purpose in the outskirts of town. As she continues her journey, she then begins to lose her confidence despite the things she’d initially had hoped for. But as she continues to persevere, trying to find a reason for why she wants to continue being the witch she is, she comes to discover her reason for doing the things she’d  wanted to do.

Despite my extremely watered-down explanation of the story, you can see on paper as to why this movie hits so hard, even harder than a rock if you try hard enough. As someone who also happens to be 13, experiencing some of the same things she’s felt over the course of her journey, it’s so deeply relatable that this is probably the only time I´ve ever truly cried during a movie. Combined with the really cute art style and characters, it’s definitely a movie everyone should watch at least once in their life. It may just be my personal bias, but even if you’re in the mindset of, “anime was a mistake,” I’m sure you’d be able to learn a thing or two after finishing this film. To all of you who’re having a really difficult time trying to find what you want for yourself, I would certainly recommend all of you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!