Ukraine Versus Russia


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Isabelle Bergstrom, Staff Writer

Russia has been setting up troops around the border of Ukraine. Ukraine, a country in Eastern Europe with a population of 44.13 million, is an ideal place for Russia to invade because it will give Russia a bigger stage to influence Europe. Ukraine used to be part of the USSR (the Soviet Union) and a minority of the population speaks Russian. The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, wants to bring something resembling the Soviet Union back to secure his legacy. Putin sent out a live late-night response regarding the invasion. President Putin said,  “If we look at the sequence of events and the incoming reports, the showdown between Russia and these forces cannot be avoided. It is only a matter of time. They are getting ready and waiting for the right moment.” this message was aired at about midnight, he invaded with his troops the next day. 


Along the border of Ukraine, Russia set up more than half of its troops. There were around 200,000 troops preparing for battle. Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, and his family are going to be specifically targeted as long as they stay in the capital city, Kyiv. US president Joe Biden offered to get his family out safely but Zelensky refused. President Zelensky instead requested weapons. He joined the front lines of his army to help defend against Russia. Some people of Ukraine have been going to the borders of Poland, Slovakia, and Bulgaria. Some have been hiding in basements, others in underground railroads and in bunkers. The neighboring countries are providing food, water, and shelter. No Visa or passport is needed. Within the week Russia invaded, more than 1 million people fled for safety. Most went to neighboring countries. 


The Ukraine and Russia war has got nearly the entire world to worry and pray for the people of Ukraine. People in Russia also pray for Ukrainians. There have been protests against the war in Moscow, Russia. Some Russians have friends and family inside of Ukraine. Neighboring countries are pitching in to help, such as Slovakia, Bulgaria, and Poland. These countries have offered safety and shelter for the fleeing Ukrainians. Many countries are donating to a bank in Ukraine that will go to war supplies. The US has offered to get the president out and has aided Ukraine with weapons. Switzerland has also helped; Switzerland has been neutral for 500+ years and they have sided with Ukraine and froze Russia’s assets. President Vladimir Putin does have some allies in this war. His closest ally, Cuba supports Russia, along with former USSR countries, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and China. 


The Russian government has to stay within Ukraine. They have sent troops near Poland, but not in Poland. The world fears a Nuclear War. if any NATO soil gets attacked by Russian armies, then the US will have to get involved. Russia has been trying to keep everything about their country, and the war. ICE3PEAK had gotten into Russia’s blacklist for being a “terrorist”. ICE3PEAK is a Russian electronic music band that creates songs about sociopolitical modern living. If you are caught playing their songs in Russia, you will receive an arrest. Russian journalist, Irina Slavina set herself on fire. Police had searched her house the day before looking for leaflets, brochures, and accounts from the Russian Opposition Group. Slavina wrote on her FaceBook before she died due to self-immolation, “I want you to blame the Russian Federation for my death.” Slavina seized hers, her daughters, and her husband’s laptops, phones, and notebooks before she passed.

This war is ongoing and horrid. The news has updates every passing minute. If you look into this war more, or past occurrences, make sure you are reading from a credible site.