Starting the New Semester Strong


Harris G., Co-editor

     The start of this year’s second semester is here. This partly-fresh start makes room for many students to grow and improve, but for others, it can also mean a decline of motivation and energy. Which future the semester holds for any student depends on their actions most particularly at its very start. Improvement, then, can start with a few simple ideas!

Match your progress to its equivalent during the last semester. The second semester provides the unique opportunity to start anew while also having a very similar time period to use for comparison. This can prevent you from slipping as you compare your progress, such as in grades, to the same time in the last semester, setting a goal that you know for a fact is achievable.

Use retrospection. In a similar fashion to the last step, looking back on the problems you faced in the last semester to avoid them can help you progress. 

In addition to this, many students and staff at Cope have noticed that, most likely as a result of online learning not having students use physical papers or the like, students have been more disorganized this year. This involves multiple things:

Physical organization. This involves organizing your backpack with proper and well-placed supplies, neatening your desks, etc., but it also involves keeping these things in order. This is often overlooked as after someone cleans something once they may neglect it afterward and let it deteriorate. 

Organization of your schedule. This is simple but helpful and involves only setting alarms, sectioning times of the day for certain tasks, and basing your daily activities around a proper time for sleep and meals.