Santa Editorial

Santa Editorial

Grace Emrick and Khalila Tarbah

     Many people believe celebrating the traditional “Santa Claus” is a harmful lie to little kids, but this is far from the truth. We firmly believe allowing your children to believe in Santa Claus is not a lie, it’s a tradition that gives more excitement, honor, and meaning to the holiday of Christmas.

     First of all, telling your kids Santa Claus is real is technically not a lie. Santa Claus is in fact real, just not in the way you would think. Christians believe Santa Claus is a way to remember and honor St. Nick. Saint Nicholas was a Christian Bishop who devoted his life to helping the needy. The idea of Santa Claus bringing gifts to children every year continues the contributions of Saint Nick. 

     Many people argue that you shouldn’t tell your kids that Santa exists, because eventually when you tell them the ugly truth, they will be crushed. However, there are certain approaches you can take to admit the bad news that won’t leave them so heartbroken. The internet has plenty of different, friendly ways you can tell your kids. One we prefer is “4 Heartwarming Letters to Explain Santa to your Kids” by DIY and Crafts. These letters help explain that Santa’s spirit is still real, and teaches children to believe, which is something they’ll need throughout their life.

     That leads us to the next point- Telling your kids that Santa is real will teach them to believe in themselves and others. That is an important quality that all people should have, and Santa is one of the perfect opportunities to teach them.