Black Widow Review


Sarah M., Staff Writer

As someone who enjoys Marvel but doesn’t know everything about it I would say that this was an okay movie. I didn’t think that it was that good of a movie, but it wasn’t the worst movie that Marvel has done. 

     Maybe I am biased as I have never really liked Black Widow as a character. I don’t like her because she doesn’t have powers and there are a bunch of people just like her in this movie. I also thought that it was a kind of predictable movie and I wasn’t really that shocked by anything that happened. I also thought that the movie relied too much on the humor which was alright but there was too much of it. I also thought that Black Widow’s sister was the stronger character in the movie. She was a funny character and I thought that she had really good lines and acting. 

     I also really thought that the movie could have relied more on the family aspect. I thought that they kind of threw the family aspect at us but then they had it often but also not often if that makes sense. I wish they had developed an early family when they were kids. They had a lot of family scenes later in the movie. I just wished they had shown Black Widow and her sister as kids a little more.

     Back to my point about the humor in the movie. Maybe it got ruined for me because when I saw it in theaters the people next to me wouldn’t stop laughing. I found myself getting a little annoyed when they would joke too much. Also sometimes the humor in the movie would become cheesy.

     One thing that they got right was the music. I found the choices kind of random but I enjoyed it. I have always loved American Pie so when that became the staple of the movie I thought that that was really cool. Then again all Marvel movies have amazing music so I wasn’t surprised when this had good music.

     In the end, it had some parts that I didn’t really enjoy but it is a Marvel movie so I still really enjoyed it.