We will Miss you, Mrs. Myers!


Mrs. Myers

Marlon M., Staff Writer

     The 2020-2021 school year has already been a mix of emotions, but the retirement of Mrs. Myers, the Secretary of the Assistant principal, has been another bump in the roller coaster. Though it will be sad, I know that Mrs. Myers would like us to celebrate her time at Cope. She has held her current occupation for 2 years, but has worked in the Redlands Unified School District for 13 years! During those years, she was a Registered Behavior Technician in  Special Services. However, before coming to the district, Mrs. Myers had many other jobs. She worked as an Administrative Assistant, traveling across the country with that job, she was an employee in a family business, and lastly, she worked at Loma Linda Clinical Skills Department.

     Outside of her work life, Mrs. Myers has been married to her husband Ben for an astounding 41 years! He was a former boys basketball coach at REV and Commercial Insurance Broker. Together, they had 3 children, all married, and two grandkids due in November! 

     As said by Mrs. Myers, “In my free time I will travel to spend more time with my family and new grandbabies.“ However, these aren’t even the beginning of her hobbies. Due to her retirement, Mrs. Myers will have time for her hobbies, which include: cooking and baking, having friends over, walking/hiking, Zumba, reading, meditating, Bible Study, appreciating art, and helping others. She also has aspirations of improving her painting and trying pickleball and gardening. Her perfect day consists of reading, listening to music, and talking on the phone while floating in her pool.

     Mrs. Myers has been a great addition to Cope. Mr. Ruhm, who Mrs. Myers is secretary for, says,“ She is one of the hardest working, most organized, structured, efficient office managers that I have ever worked with.” Lastly, I asked her the question “Would you (Mrs. Myers) replace your purse with a rolling backpack for the rest of your life, or be forced to only use the metric system?” Her answer was hilarious but made a lot of sense. She replied,” I am not a numbers person so conversions sound like a lot of work. I would much prefer to cart around a rolling backpack!” Mrs. Myers has made Cope a better place and is an unseen hero, and she shall be missed.