If I Made a Movie – Part 3


Sarah M., Staff Writer

    This is the third and final part of what my movie would be about if I wrote one. If you are new you should look back on the first two parts as they are vital to the story. Warning: crime and murder can be found in this segment. Read only if you’re comfortable with those themes. Now with that out of the way, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.


In The Wheat Fields

Part 3


     I finally felt whole again. The part of my heart that had been lost for so long was back. I was on my high in life. Everyday I went into work smiling and everyday felt like the best day ever. I made new friends and even got a pet cat. This happiness went on for around a year but slowly I felt that part of my heart start to drift away again. It felt as if a very close friend just disappeared. I tried everything to fix that piece but nothing worked. After a while I knew what my heart truly wanted. 

     But who would it be? Maybe after all the pent up rage I had I could take it out on my past. I truly never got over what happened in high school. The bullies from high school were truly the ones who deserved it. There were three of them: Blake, Carrie, and Annie. They bullied me my freshman year. I found all of them on Facebook and reconnected with them under a fake account. I got them all together and we all met at a park.

     They didn’t recognize me and were very nice. But after a few months of hanging out I knew that it was time. I invited them to a remote area and got prepared. I knew I couldn’t overpower all of them at once, so I invited them to come at different times. Annie arrived first and we had a small chat before I injected her arm with a little poison. She was terrified, but Blake would arrive soon, so I had to move her to a different area. I repeated the same process with Blake, but when I went to move him, I saw that Annie was gone. I set him down and sprinted to find her. Luckily, she was starting to feel the poison, so it was easy to catch up with her. I got her back in the room and locked it. Then, once Carrie showed up, I did the same thing and left. It was so boring to do the same thing over and over, so that would have to change. 

      For the next few years, I went on a rampage. The police kept finding the bodies and I wanted the challenge of hiding them. Luckily, I lived in Kansas near a wheat field, so that’s where I hid them. It went on like this for around 15 years. They suspected something but since there were no more bodies, there was no evidence to work off of. 

     Finally, at age 60, I got caught. Other than my weird hobby, I had lived a fairly normal life. I still don’t understand how they found me. But I had a trial and was found guilty. My sentence was death by lethal injection. I guess I will be getting a taste of my own medicine. I sat in death row for about a year and then it was my day to die. 

     Then we are back at the beginning of the story. After being injected, they asked if I had any last words. I said yes. My final words on this earth were, “This was all for you Alice, I hope it was worth it.”  My only sister. I had loved her with all my heart, so when she admitted these crimes to me, I knew what I had to do. I had to tell her story as my own. It was all worth it. Hopefully she knew that I loved her to the moon and back.


 Remember this is all my idea for a movie and these events are not real.

(Idea collaborators: Nahiara M, Caroline C, Harris G, Marlon M.)