All-Nighter? No Problem!


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Woman working at night in home office isolated flat vector illustration. Cartoon female student learning via computer or designer late at work. Workplace and sleepless concept

Kelsie V., Staff Writer

Sure, you had your day all planned out, scheduled, and all your tasks prioritized, but life happened, and you find yourself sitting in front of your computer at 11:00 pm at night, studying for a test the next morning. If it’s an assignment, exam, or anything else, don’t fret! Here are some tips to get you all set.

  1. Let the Light In

When working late into the night, it can be a game-changer if you have a well-lit space. Don’t lounge on your bed, the light of your laptop the only light illuminating your eyes, but sit at a  desk or table. Switch on a bright light that spreads across the whole room, which should aid your eyes and brain. This can also help keep you awake, as you won’t be as inclined to sleep. 

  1. Pursue Protein

During an all-nighter, you may feel hungry, but it’s not a great idea to eat food filled with carbohydrates, which can lead to sleepiness. Consuming protein-rich snacks, including carrots or celery with hummus, trail mix with nuts, and even chocolate, although not a protein rich food, can help you stay alert and awake. Also drink water, as it will revitalize your mind and keep you vigilant. 

  1. Don’t Mute the Music

Try playing music while typing or doing other needed work, it focuses your mind on something else other than your task. This can be a distraction though, so avoid music with catchy tunes that you don’t have a choice but to sing along to. Lullaby-like songs have the opposite effect, and can make you doze off, so stick to music that is upbeat and peppy, but with no such lyrics. 

  1. Plan, Please!

Nighttime, especially extremely late at night, can be a challenging time to study and complete assignments, so it can be helpful to follow a plan. Take 5 minutes to at least create a to-do list with all the work you need to finish that night. Be realistic, however, and don’t pile too much for you to do. Order your tasks by importance, with the most urgent work first, followed by the less urgent assignments. 

  1. Heat Won’t Help!

Curling up with a heavy hoodie or fleece blanket can make you drowsy, as with the heat, you’ll be more prone to sleep. Keeping a fan on can help you stay fresh during the night. This also goes for drinks, so having water rather than hot drinks, will make the night easier. 


Hopefully, these tips can help during a desperate all-nighter, and help you get out of it alive- as well as have your assignments done.