Game Review: League of Legends


Edric W., Staff Writer

     In 2009, Riot Games released League of Legends. Since then, the game has increased in popularity exponentially. I myself started playing recently, and I must say, the game is phenomenal. The graphics are great, the gameplay is action-packed, and there is tons of variety in the game. 

     The basics go somewhat like this. You spawn as a champion with 3 main lanes and a forested area in between called the jungle. You have 3 abilities and an ultimate. Your goal is to slay enemy champions and minions, level up, and get to the enemy’s nexus, which is at their base on the opposite corner. With hundreds of champions, League of Legends is sure to have a champion for everybody. You can play any champion you want! Even though you have a limited starting selection, you can buy new champions with in-game currency (no money required). After all, the game is play-to-win, not pay-to-win. I myself play Akali, an assassin class champion with high mobility and damage output. It’s fairly easy to learn, and fun, too. In my experience, improvement is quick, and you can easily learn new combos (multiple abilities chained together). Overall, this game is great. It’s fun, action-packed, has good graphics, and has something for everybody. I would recommend it!