Plant Care Tips/ Mistakes to Avoid


Kelsie V., Staff Writer


Wilted ferns, drooping spider plants, and dried-out monsteras? Have nothing of fear, these tips will save your plants from drear! Plants are beautiful and can make empty spaces really come alive, but it can be hard to keep them, especially high-maintenance ones, healthy. Hopefully, these tricks can help your plants to look their best at all times. 


  • Learn from Labels

When buying a plant, it’s important to take into consideration what that specific plant’s needs are and what environment it enjoys. Some examples would be if it prefers low, moderate, or high amounts of water, direct or indirect sunlight, and humid or dry environments. Purchasing the wrong plant for your home can result in tragedy. Doing research beforehand and asking experts can aid you in finding the perfect plant. 


  • Holes, Please! 

One of the most common causes of plant death is keeping your plant in one pot with no holes at the bottom. Most pots come with a plastic pot containing a hole, but many people transfer it into a more decorative pot, and some don’t have holes. Holes at the bottom of a plant pot are so important because it drains the water you pour into the soil. Stagnant water can cause the roots to rot, and cause fungus and bacteria to start forming. This can be fatal for your plant, so if you still want a pretty pot to keep it in, find a smaller plastic pot with a hole to keep inside the bigger, decorative pot. Now your buddy can look charming but feel cheery. 


  • What About Water?

Different species of plants need different amounts of water, so it’s important to check their labels for the suggested water proportions they need. One quick and easy way to tell if your plant needs water can be found out by pushing your finger about 1 inch in the soil for smaller plants, and 2 inches or more for large plants. If the soil feels wet or moist, check after a few days to water it. But if it is dry, give it water. Make sure to use room temperature or tepid water.


  • Leave the Leaves Lavish

Plants get sunlight through their leaves, which enables them to get sugar from the process of photosynthesis. Over time, these leaves can collect dust in a household, like other items. So, it could be greatly beneficial to your plant to clean them. Take a moist cloth and extra precautions to avoid snapping or breaking the leaf. Don’t use any kind of cleaner, polisher, or oil, as these could be harmful to your plants. 


Plants can be tough to keep thriving, but these tips should help all the greenery in your home look as pretty as a picture. Or maybe…as pretty as in the wild.