If I made a movie – Part 2


Sarah M., Staff Writer

     This is part 2 of If I made a movie. This part is about the main character’s adulthood and first victim. If you missed part one you can find it on The Talon online under the Just for Fun section. You want to read the first part to understand the events in this part. Warning: This part discusses death and murder. There isn’t much but viewer discretion is advised. 


In The Wheat Fields

Part 2


     At age 30 everything crashed and burned again. I got fired from my grocery store job and lost all my coworker friends. I was barely able to make ends meet and I wasn’t able to do  anything I enjoyed. Rent was starting to become overwhelming and I kept trying to find a new job but the area around my apartment wasn’t the best for work. There were barely any places to apply to and they all rejected me. I decided to try and find a new apartment in a different part of Kansas because I was too scared to move out of state.

     I found a place to the north of where I was living. I quit my job at the ice cream shop and moved. I quickly tried to find a job and was able to work as an assistant at the pet shop. I also became a secretary for someone I met when I first moved. Pay was better than it used to be and I was able to stabilize in life. After all these years and all my heartbreaks I had been humble, but now that I was happy again, I knew that it was my time for revenge. I tried to remember that unforgettable face. It was on the tip of my head and it seemed like I had seen that face a million times. 

     After three hours I was able to remember and I started looking. I was going off the assumption that he was still in Kansas. I was more paranoid than ever when outside. After a few months of looking, I was starting to lose hope when one day on the news I saw him. It was one of those mugshot photos and I immediately dropped what I was doing and sat down. He was convicted for an attempted burglary. His name was Gray Marquis. I had found him! After all these years, but for some reason I didn’t feel happy. I was in a rage. I needed to find a way to get to him but how? If he was already convicted, how would I get to him in prison? But everything fell into place for me. He pleaded insanity and was sent to an institution. I found the institution and was prepared to pay a little visit to Gray. 

     I visited the institution and asked if visitors were allowed. They said yes. I also asked if food was allowed to be brought to patients while visiting. They also answered yes. I left with a big smile on my face. I knew that Gray Marquis’s days on this Earth were numbered. The day that I decided to go visit, I made some nice delicious lunch for Gray. After all, you might as well enjoy your last meal. I walked in with a chipper look and I gave the receptionist a false name and I had changed my appearance. After all, I had been waiting for this day my whole life and I wasn’t going to make a silly mistake. 

     I entered a big room with lunch tables, and all I could think was how much it looked like a prison. They brought Gray out and left. Gray sat down and was confused. 

  “Who are you?” he asked. 

  I responded with, “Oh, I am no one, I just came here to bring you lunch.” I smiled at him and tried to look as friendly as possible. 

  “Do you work here?” he asked. I tried to quickly decide if I should lie or just give a short answer. I quickly blurted out “I don’t, but I saw your case on the news and I felt so sorry for you.” It was a great answer in my mind. 

  “Oh okay.” he hesitantly said. I watched as he slowly bit into his food. Everything leading up to that moment flashed before my eyes. I was thinking about what I had done. I fought with myself in my head, but deep down I knew that it was the right thing to do. He finished his meal in around ten minutes. Sadly, I couldn’t stay and watch him die because I knew I would get caught. 

     That night I sat in my living room with the TV on. At around 10:00 p.m it happened. He was gone. I smiled and cheered silently. They had apparently had more visitors after me. I had never expected that, but I was still satisfied because it would be even harder to locate me. They listed off the names of the people who had visited and asked people to contact the police if they knew the person. They said the fake name I used and I was even more ecstatic than ever. I had used the name of a bully back in high-school. I guess I had never moved past that, either. That next day the autopsy was shown in the news. They found the poison in his system. After learning that he had been poisoned the police were even more suspicious of the visitors. 

     A week later, all the people who’d visited had been brought in. They mentioned that one of them claimed that they hadn’t even visited. That girl became the main suspect. All part of my plan. A few months after the murder first occurred a girl named Camilla was convicted. Turns out that I had used the right person as my fake name. 

     Her trial was miserable to watch. She had barely any defense. All she could say was that she wasn’t there but she didn’t have an alibi ether. The jury had come back with the conclusion that she was guilty. She was convicted of first degree murder. She got life in prison with the chance of parole after twenty five years. I didn’t feel bad at the time, but this would later be one of my biggest regrets.

     I was content with my actions. I was fine with just one victim. But at the age of forty I knew that I was no longer content with just one killing.


(Idea collaborators: Caroline C, Marlon M, Harris G, and Nahiara M.)