If I Made a Movie


Sarah M., Staff Writer

     I have always wondered if I made a movie what it would be about. I decided that it would be a horror movie and it would be a first-person perspective. This is the first of three parts. This part is the main character’s childhood. The second part will be their adulthood and the third part will be the end. I hope you enjoy it. And make sure and stay tuned for the other parts. 


In The Wheat Fields

Part 1

     It is my last day on earth but why? My name is Abaddon and this is my story. They ask if I have any last words and I do, but first I decide to confess and I give them my whole story. This is what they heard. 

     When I was three years old I witnessed the most heinous act I have ever seen. I was in the living room watching Mickey Mouse when someone broke in and killed my parents. Even though I didn’t understand back then I understood that this person would be the most important in my whole life. I remember that day vividly and I won’t ever forget it. The killer looked like an average person, long brown hair, piercing green eyes, and a look that could kill without a weapon. 

     Life started to spiral at an early age. After my parents were gone I was placed into a foster home and it was bad. I ended up with an adopted family and we all lived in Kansas but it wasn’t any better. They were neglectful and treated me as if I was a spectator looking into their lives. They would say “Abby I am taking Fiona and Clayton to school, find a way to get there on your own.” It went on like this for years.

     Once I reached high school I was miserable. I was bullied most days, I was failing two of my classes, and my only friend moved away junior year. I was able to just barely graduate but it didn’t matter to me. I didn’t want to go to college but I felt like I had to so I applied and got rejected from all the schools I wanted to attend. By 21 I was living on my own in a one bedroom and one bathroom apartment. I had a part time job at my local grocery store and a part time job at an ice cream shop three blocks from my apartment. It wasn’t all bad though, I was happy on my own. I even made friends with my coworkers and we all hung out on the weekends. Life went on this way until I reached age 30. 

 (Idea collaborators: Caroline C, Marlon M, Harris G, and Nahiara M.)