How You Can Successfully and Simply Help Busy Bees


Lilus M., Staff Writer

     Spring is already here, and you know what that means? No, not extreme allergies, although that’s the case for several people. Instead, it means bees, bees, beautiful, busy bees. What about bees? As you can tell by the title of this article, I’m going to teach you some really simple ways you can help bees.

     Why should we help bees? There are several reasons as to why we need to help bees. The major reason we should be helping bees is because believe it or not, their population is majorly decreasing. I know, it doesn’t seem that obvious, but we need to do something before it gets to that point. Also, you should know that bees play a major role in our lives. Thanks to them, we’re able to eat nutritional fruits and vegetables. Thanks to them, we get to see beautiful, colorful flowers. Thanks to them, we can breathe fresh air created by plants. You get my point. They’re one of the many species who help care for Earth, a planet we live on. If we lose them without any action being taken, we’re going to regret it so bad. So, let me tell you a few simple ways you can help bees, and even make a difference.


  1. Plant Flowers: Native flowers are every bee’s dreams. As you might already know, bees collect nectar and pollen from flowers in order to produce honey. Believe it or not, bees have a hard time finding flowers due to the lack of flowers being planted. By planting flowers in your garden, you make it easier for ‘local’ bees, and they’ll be able to visit your lovely garden daily. You can get further information about plants for bees here or here


  1. Eliminate Pesticides: Pesticides are applied to plants to keep harmful insects away. But you know that pesticides are extremely harmful, or in other words, toxic. This means that pesticides applied to flowers greatly harms bees who just want nectar, and it even kills them. Something you can do is avoid using pesticides, and you can also encourage your family to buy organic fruits. By purchasing organic food, you’re supporting the use of pesticide-free products, meaning even more pesticide products will be used.


  1. Build Bee Baths and Homes: If you’re a crafty person or love working on DIY projects, then you should definitely try this out. Several bees are losing their homes, and so they have no place to produce. Something you can do to help is build a small and simple bee home! All you need is a toilet paper roll, some tubes made out of paper or straws, glue, and that’s it! You can watch this video on how to do so here.


  1. Educate Yourself and Others: It might not seem like much, but educating others about bees and the problems they’re facing helps encourage others to do their part in helping bees. Actually, this article I wrote is educating you right now, right? You can do the same, and I strongly encourage you to do so. You can educate others, such as your friends and family, by doing literally whatever you want. You can show them slideshows you created, send them websites, or even show them this article. Just as long as you really put your effort in it. What people need right now is for somebody to educate them about important things, and you can be that somebody. When you educate people and encourage them to do deeds, it makes you feel somewhat really good and proud of yourself.


To sum it all up, bees need us to help them however we can. It’s not that hard. By trying out some of these simple ways to help them, you can help make a difference. Believe me. The world needs you 🙂


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