My Top 10 Hits in No Particular Order


Subhadra M., Staff Writer

     Welcome back to the radio edition of “My Top 10 Hits in No Particular Order,” listeners! This week, we’re featuring songs that evoke every possible emotion in you. They all have lyrics, but none of them have curse words. (Yay!) Some of these are from the 2000s and others are three years old. Ready for that list? Okay, then, let’s go.


  1. Words, by Boyzone
  2. They Don’t Care About Us, by Michael Jackson (I know I’ve said this before, but this song is everything you need if you want to rock out.)
  3. This is Me, by The Greatest Showman cast
  4. Believer, by Imagine Dragons
  5. Immortals, by Fall Out Boy
  6. Counting Stars, OneRepublic
  7. Best Day of My Life, by American Authors (Glee version)
  8. Rolling in the Deep, by Adele
  9. Centuries, by Fall Out Boy
  10. We Will Rock You, by Queen


     This mix is about as assorted as you can get. Of these songs, some are angry, some are happy, some are loving, some are triumphant, some are nostalgic, and some are just songs. A few of them, like Words and They Don’t Care About Us, are ones I’ve been listening to since I was little. Others, like Counting Stars, I’ve only found about recently. No matter when they’re from, or who sang them, these songs are easy to connect to. I hope you enjoy listening to them.


Note: If you like all of these songs, we probably have a similar taste in music. In that case, I suggest you listen to the Forgotten Odes album by Eternal Eclipse. It’s entirely instrumental, and it’s very powerful.