Classic Halloween Pranks

Classic Halloween Pranks

Krista L., Publicity


Hey Cope Eagles! Halloween is coming around the corner which is the perfect time to do some horror pranks on friends or family! You may be asking yourself, “What are some classic pranks that I should do for Halloween?” Well, you’re in luck! These pranks will not be too terrifying, but are definitely going to give your victims a scare.

1. The Spooky Spider Web: For this prank, you need pieces of cotton and a fake spider (one that freaks the victim out). First, take your cotton and stretch small pieces of the cotton out. Eventually, the cotton would look like a spider web. Then, place your spider on the spider web, trying to make it as realistic as possible. Finally, place your contraption in a corner where spiders are likely to be.

2. Come out, Come out, Wherever You Are: Hide behind cupboards or doors and scare people. To make it more scary, take a fake spider and throw it at them.

3. Balloon Mania: Blow up a balloon but do not tie it. Insert the balloon in the fridge, making sure that the mouthpiece is between the fridge door. When someone opens it, the balloon should fly out, scaring the life out of whoever opened the door.

4. Writing on the Mirror: Write a creepy message on the bathroom mirror after taking a shower because the mirror will fog up due to the heat.

5. Is that a Monster?!: Print a scary image, then tape it onto a window, wall, or ceiling. Once your victim looks at the monster, they will definitly want to leave your house.

6. Cockroach Crazy: Buy a lot of fake cockroaches then scatter them on a bed under a blanket. When your victim comes to lie in bed and see cockroaches, they will for sure be scared.

I hope you enjoy these little pranks, and if you do, comment down below on which prank you did!