Editorial: The Problem With Cope’s In-Person Schedule

Editorial: The Problem With Copes In-Person Schedule

Harris G., Staff Writer

     One of the first articles I wrote this year was a criticism of Cope’s online schedule. In turn, one of the last articles I will write this year will be a criticism of the altered schedule for in-person students. And though much has changed in the past months, the same problems in the old schedule, for the most part, haven’t, and new ones have been introduced as well. I believe that Cope can do better.

     The main part of the schedule hasn’t changed much from online. Three 90 minute classes changed to three 80 minute classes. So, the problem still remains. Productivity drastically decreases over a long time without breaks; if teachers aren’t implementing breaks, their students will tire out and become less focused and productive. Classes longer than an hour make this problem much worse. Cope should have taken this opportunity to make classes shorter.

     However, Cope has changed some things, and these changes aren’t good. Firstly, the schedule no longer rotates. This is a problem because it means that any given student will always have the same class at the same time and day of the week. Studies have shown that students learn better depending on the day of the week, making different classes uneven in how well students can learn in them. Secondly, on Wednesdays, classes are much shorter, held online, and all six periods are held. These Wednesdays are extremely unproductive. For example, my PE teacher doesn’t even hold any exercises, and students that have already filled out their log can leave immediately. Most of my other teachers usually only review homework which I suspect many students don’t bother to even tune into. So although these classes should, in theory, be better liked by me as they are shorter, they interrupt the routine made by teachers with longer classes in mind and are thus a failure.

     In conclusion, Cope’s new schedule is flawed and inefficient. And while it’s certainly not going to be changing in the short time left in this year, there is still much to be learned from this. Firstly, teachers can implement breaks in their classes. And, we can learn that Cope and other schools should keep their rotating schedule in the future as it’s very beneficial for students and teachers.