Ridiculously expensive everyday items


Marlon M., Staff Writer

     Many people have experienced sticker shock before, the surprise you get when you see the price of a ridiculously overpriced item. If you are one of the lucky people who hasn’t felt it before, I’ll show you what it feels like. Here are 3 ridiculously expensive products that you probably would never buy.

     How much would you be willing to spend on a pen? One dollar? Ten dollars? One hundred dollars for a nice fountain pen? Well, for the astoundingly affordable price of eight million dollars, you can get the Fulgor Nocturnus fountain pen. Made by company Tibaldi, the pen is studded with 945 black diamonds and 123 rubies. However, the design is also a large part of its price. The proportion between the pen’s cap and barrel is the golden ratio or phi. I don’t know if that design feature is worth the price, though.

     Shoe culture has always been a large part of some people’s lives, and if you are a “sneakerhead”, you may be willing to spend a pretty penny on a pair of Jordans. But would you be willing to spend 17 million on a pair? The Passion Diamond Shoes took 9 months to design, and are made out of four materials: leather, silk, gold, and diamonds, 236 of them. Out of these 236 diamonds, 2 are flawless 15-carat diamonds. The stilettos are on display in the Burj Al Arab seven-star hotel in Dubai. 

     Vacuum cleaners can be considered expensive items, some costing 350 dollars. However, none are more expensive than the 1.2 million dollar gold plated GoVacuum GV62711. Along with an elegant name, it is also very effective. First, it will suck away over a million dollars from your account, along with 99.97% of dust and debris, according to the seller. I might be being nitpicky, but I would prefer solid gold since I’m already paying 1.2 million.

     There are many things that can give one sticker shock, such as buying lobsters at a supermarket (it has happened to my mom before), but I found none more ridiculous than these. If you know of any more outrageously expensive than these, put them in the comments below!