Easy Lunches to Make for School


Nahiara M., Staff Writer

     Since in-person school has re-opened the responsibility of bringing a lunch or grabbing one has appeared. Although the school provides a free meal you may want to bring your own food. So here are some easy meals to make and bring to school. 

     To start off here is some food to prepare the night before. The first choice is Mac and Cheese. Mac and cheese is simple, all you have to do is cooking some elbows or corkscrew pasta in a pot of boiling water and a pinch of salt, then strain, and coat with melted cheese. The second option is curry and rice. To start put rice in water and let sit on high for 20 minutes with stirring intervals of around 7 minutes. It is done when you can eat the rice and it feels soft. Then grab any curry packet and follow its instructions. You can keep it simple and easy but you can also add toppings of your liking. The last option is pasta. You can make pasta by putting water to boil and drop in pasta of your choosing when the water boils. You can eat it simply with salt and pepper or eat an egg with it. Disclaimer: Please be safe when cooking and have a parent watch you. 

     Subsequently, in the morning you can make some meals as well. An easy meal to make is a lettuce wrap. To make a wrap just have fresh lettuce and lay toppings such as cheese, ham, salami, dressing like ranch, mayo, and other options, and roll like a burrito. To keep together put a toothpick or wrap in foil. The next option is scallion pancakes. For this, have a parent chop up scallions while you mix flour and water to make a dough. Mix your dough and scallions and add spices such as salt, pepper, sesame seeds, etc. Then pour like a pancake and cook till golden brown on each side. The third option is sandwiches. Sandwiches have a lot of variety allowing you to pick and choose your flavors into bread. You can make tuna sandwiches (mix tuna mayo and optional onions and put them onto bread), PB+J (peanut butter and Jam or jelly sandwich), or a normal sandwich with cheese meat and dressing. The fourth option is some hard-boiled eggs. You place raw eggs into a pot with water and put them over the stove. Once the water boils let sit for around 7 minutes and then let it cool. Once done take them to school as is or crack them and place them into containers with snacks. The last option is some onigiri. Onigiri is a rice ball filled with toppings or served as is wrapped with a sheet of seaweed. To start make rice with less water or use sticky rice. Then once done cooking rice start to mold the rice into triangles. You can fill them (or not) with meats or veggies. Then sprinkle little salt or sesame seeds. Lastly, place into a seaweed wrap and done!

     These were a few options to make the night before or the morning of for school.