Editorial: Why Do the High-Schoolers Get a Pass?


Sarah M., Staff Writer

     It has been found out that the high-schoolers grades will be locked in place for the rest of the year. The middle schoolers and the elementary students aren’t getting the same luxury. While the rest of us are having to worry about grades they just get to take tests and not have to worry about getting a bad grade. I strongly believe that it isn’t fair for the high-schoolers to get special treatment.

     They may be older but that doesn’t mean they should get off easy. Distance learning and covid as a whole has been difficult for everyone. It is as if the high-schoolers are on a different level compared to the other students. It doesn’t make sense to randomly decide to freeze their grades. I believe that if they are going to do it for high-school why not do it for everyone?

     It is even more biased that grades being frozen wasn’t given to everyone. If you’re going to do it either do it for everyone or don’t do it at all. The sudden switch doesn’t make sense because everyone is just starting to go back to school and things are becoming a little more normal. It feels as if they decided it would be better for high-schoolers to have an easier transition into in-person classes but didn’t believe that we would need an easier transition even though we are all coming back and getting used to our new schedule. In the end, it was an unreasonable and unjust decision. 

     In conclusion, the decision was out of the blue and it just doesn’t make sense. High-schoolers are being put on a pedestal while the rest of us have to keep working to get or keep our grades. This new rule probably won’t be changed, but hopefully they’ll freeze the grades of the rest of us.