What Makes Sports so Great?

What Makes Sports so Great?

Sarah M., Staff Writer

     Anyone who plays sports or wants to start playing sports wants to know the benefits of the sport they are playing or are interested in. Here are six sports and some of their benefits. 

     Soccer has many benefits and is a sport that requires a lot of endurance. Soccer actually helps to build strength in your bones. Another benefit is that it increases your cardiovascular health. Also soccer builds flexibility and strength in your body. Soccer is an incredible sport to do if you want to build strength, strategy skills, and work on teamwork skills. 

     An awesome sport to play to build arm strength is baseball. Playing baseball gives your body a lot of Vitamin D which helps your body stay healthy and strong. Baseball also helps to strengthen your hand-eye coordination. Along with helping to strengthen your arms baseball also helps strengthen your legs from all the running involved in baseball. Overall, baseball is an amazing sport for running and making your arms stronger. 

     If you’re looking for a sport that will help your jump, then look no further than basketball. Basketball helps you run faster, have strong strategic skills, and it helps you get stronger legs. Another example of a benefit of basketball is that it helps to build your balance. It also strengthens concentration skills. One last benefit of basketball is it helps to build up your heart health. In conclusion, basketball helps players meet others and it has healthy competition.

     Another great sport to play to help build up hand-eye coordination and teamwork skills is volleyball. Volleyball makes your reflexes faster which can be used in everyday life. It also helps players build strong bonds and communication skills because if you don’t communicate the sport wouldn’t work. Volleyball can also lead to stronger joint, muscle, and cardiovascular strength. Volleyball is a great teamwork sport and the skills learned in volleyball can be used in everyday life. 

     The last sport is football. Even though football can be dangerous it still has a lot of benefits. One benefit is that football helps players build stronger work ethics and routines. It also builds strong teamwork among its players. Lastly, football helps players build team discipline and personal discipline. 

     All of these are great sports and all have great benefits to them! So go out and try a new sport and make some new friends.