You Can Now Apply To Be In Journalism and Yearbook for the 21-22 School Year


Tessa H., Staff Writer

     It’s that time of the year again — the 20-21 school year is coming to a close, and that means that 6th and 7th graders can apply to the electives they find an interest in for the following year. Journalism and Yearbook are two amazing electives that you can choose from, both of which you can apply to right now!

     If you take to writing short informational, opinion, and fun articles, Journalism may just be the perfect club for you. As part of The Talon’s staff, you will write 300- to 350-word articles for both the school’s online and printed newspaper that can be on a variety of topics, from trendy topics to school news. But that’s not all: you will also have the opportunity to interview fellow staff and students for certain articles, as well as build on your technology-related skills. Journalism is an elective where you can have fun while learning new techniques, so if you want to dabble in writing about the latest events, the application window is now open. To join the application Google classroom, the code is gxdafxc

     On the other hand, if photography and layout design spark your interest, you should try joining Yearbook. In this club, you will work on the layout of Cope’s yearbook — as well as seeking and creating all of the content that is in it! You will get to build relationships with your fellow members and learn more about the people at Cope, too. Being in Yearbook helps you harness your skills in design and become a budding photographer. To join the application Google classroom, the code is n2dcup3.

     Keep in mind that, for both of these electives, the first of the application assignments are due by Friday, April 30th — and interviews will take place the following week. There will also be a second assignment the week of interviews. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact the advisor of both of the electives, Mrs. Faulkner-Milligan. Both of these groups are excited to welcome new hard-working students, so apply soon if you are intent on joining!