Posture And Why Its Important


Sarah M., Staff Writer

     Posture is something that is very important but most people don’t think about it. It is especially important now because, with everyone at home, we are sitting more than normal. It matters whether we are sitting or standing and it has more benefits than most people realize.

     One benefit of having good posture is it actually leads to better breathing. It can also reduce headaches which is good because headaches can be persistent. Another example is that having good posture improves your blood flow and that helps to protect and improve the health of your body. Posture also helps to improve your mood, so if you’re having a bad day don’t forget to straighten your posture. Another reason to get good posture is it helps to fix your back pain. 

     There are many ways to help improve your posture. One of these ways is stretching your body. A great stretch to do is lay on the ground, on your stomach, and lift both your arms and legs up at the same time. Another way to help your posture is, while you are sitting or standing, imagine you are measuring your height against a wall. It will help you learn to stand and sit straighter. Also, while looking at your phone, move it up to your eye level so that you don’t hurt your neck and make it stiff. These are all good practices to help your posture strengthen. 

     Even though you may not think about it, these small things can help majorly. So take some time today to straighten your posture and brighten your mood.