Upcoming SUmmer Fashion Trends


Nahiara M., Staff Writer

As summer is coming up so are brand new fashion trends. With that, here are some of the upcoming summer fashion trends that you might want to get on. 

The few trends include fun patterns, summer tops, skirts, summer dresses, straps, tie-dye, clothing sets, black face masks, oversized jackets, and knitted clothing pieces. Starting with fun patterns, some of these would be bright colors, Hawaiian flower prints, and colored waves. As for summer tops, those include halter tops, strappy tops, and shorter tank tops. For dresses and skirts those are a variety of mini skirts, skirts with straps, dresses with shoulderless sleeves on one to two sides, knitted dresses, and loose dresses. As for tie-dye, this could be on almost anything but it is most popular on clothing sets such as two pieces like shorts or a skirt and matching top. There is also an uprise in black faces masks over white ones. There was also an uprise oversized jackets, preferably men’s jackets, and knitted wear such as dresses, tops, skirts, bags, etc. 

Those were some of the clothing but for shoes, there are a few options. Some shoes are slip-on loafers and slip-on shoes in general and especially, Nike shoes. Nike shoes could include sport shoes and chunkier shoes. Also, a lot of nude and one-color shoes are in right now.

Those were just some of the clothing options seen come up for this summer. Unfortunately, not much for guys has come up yet but hopefully, some fashion trends for guys appear soon.