Les Papillons


Lilus M., Staff Writer

Les papillons…such a beautiful phrase in my opinion. It simply means “the butterflies” in French. Why am I talking about butterflies? Well, I would like to talk about interesting things about these magnificent creatures. They’re graceful insects with abstract wings, but there is a lot more to them than you think. So just sit back and relax as you read this calm article about butterflies.
Here in the United States, there are about 750 butterfly species and around 17,500 species in the world. Just think about that for a moment. Each butterfly is unique in its own way. Just thinking about the many magnificent and beautiful butterflies that flutter in the sky is a whole new wonder. You think, “How could there be so much beauty in this world?”
Like I said before, butterflies are graceful insects that flutter in the skies. They’re like glass swans. So very fragile, yet so elegant in a powerful way.
When you see a butterfly, what do you usually wonder? What stands out most is their colorful wings, which glow in the sunlight. It’s really beautiful. Their wings are made up of small scales that form unique patterns. When I was little, I always thought fairies painted the wings of a butterfly. I thought that butterflies would start off as little, white moths, and then they’d visit a fairy to paint their wings with splashing colors and abstract designs. That’s how I’d think butterflies got their colorful wings.
Speaking about when I was little, I thought many things about butterflies. For instance, I’d never see butterflies during the night. I always wondered where they would go. So of course, my imagination gave me answers. I believed that butterflies would go into this mysterious forest filled with big willow trees. There would be fairy lights hanging from all branches, pretty flowers everywhere, and a beautiful lake that shone in the moonlight nearby. Butterflies of all kinds would meet in this fairytale forest during the night, and they’d just dance and dance in the moonlight sky, similar to fairies.
Sure, I had one unique imagination, but thinking about butterfly dances made me feel calm and happy.
Although I never really knew where butterflies went during the night, I recently did some research. Apparently, they find a small hiding place to rest, such as underneath a leaf, deep within the blades of grass, or a tiny crevice in a rock. Still, that’s really cool and interesting.
Besides being beautiful, butterflies symbolize several things in different cultures. They’re usually associated with our souls. They represent “change, renewal, hope, endurance, and courage to embrace the transformation to make life better.”
I just love butterflies. They’re extraordinary creatures. They’re so much more than what people think. Just think about them once in a while. Dream about them. Connect with them. I can’t really explain how, but butterflies will somehow make you and your life feel a whole lot better.