Book Recommendation: Lockwood & Co.


Caroline C., Editor

     Do you like reading about ghost hunting, or the paranormal? Do you like reading mysteries?  Do you like reading about unsupervised kids who get to eat plenty of cookies and cakes? If you liked even one of these, Lockwood & Co is for you!

    Recently, one of my friends introduced me to this wonderful book series. It’s one of my favorite, definitely top-bookshelf worthy. The writing is wonderful, the characters are well-developed, and the plots are so twisty and enjoyable to read and try to crack.

     Lockwood & Co takes place in London. There’s a Problem that’s lasted fifty years; the dead have been appearing in the form of different types of ghosts. Lockwood & Co is an independent ghost-hunting agency; unlike other companies in London, it’s owned and run by kids, who are the only people with the abilities to sense the apparitions. The company is owned by the mysterious, wolf-like Anthony Lockwood, along with the smart but unattractive George Cubbins. The third member is our narrator, Lucy Carlyle, who has very strong psychic senses. The series follows their adventures as they discover the source of the problem, with some drama, near-death experiences, and strange friends along the way.

     Unfortunately, the series is hard to come by. If you’re interested in ordering them, check them out here on Amazon.