How to get back into the swing for In-Person Schooling


Nahiara M., Staff Writer

     Starting next week on April 12, the school will be opening up for the students who want to come back in person. After one year inside and in Distance Learning, it may be hard to go back to the way we used to experience school. Luckily, there are only a few basic things you should have ready for school. 

     As for items, you will probably want to get a few things. This includes a backpack that is sturdy enough to hold your books and laptop. If you checked out a laptop you must take that laptop to school and home since there will only be laptops available for the students who didn’t check out a school laptop. You also can not bring a personal laptop.  Also, a suitable mask that sits comfortably on your face.  Make sure to bring a water bottle as you can not drink from the fountains. You can also bring your personal hand sanitizer in a small bottle. Lastly, be sure to have pencils and school supplies. 

     Those were some of the basic supplies you may want to bring but there are some habits you will want to pick up too. Such as: making sure not to touch your face, handles (if possible), your masks, and things that are not needed to be touched. You can also make it a habit to remember to wash your hand when you get the chance or use hand sanitizer. 

You may also want to make sure your mask is up -covering your mouth and nose- and you are not too close to people. The last thing I would recommend is to start getting enough sleep and planning out assignments for the block schedule.

     Those were some small tips and suggestions on what you may want to bring when going back to school.