Welcome back to in-person learning


Sarah M., Staff Writer

     Monday, April 12th, we will be headed back to school! Families have the choice to go back or stay in Distance Learning. If you are heading back, there will still be things in place to keep you safe. One change is that our classes will be a little shorter than they are now. Instead of 90 minutes, our classes will be 80 minutes. Another change is on Wednesdays, everyone will be doing Distance Learning from home, and we will be attending every class on Wednesdays. Also, there will be no student support time following the start of in-person learning. There will also be a screening upon arrival on campus each day. We will get to be back for about 9 weeks, and then we are going to summer break. The year is winding down, but this may make it feel like the start of a new school year.