Let’s Welcome the Future Three Cope Babies


Lilus M., Staff Writer

     Lately, things haven’t been going so well. What I mean is, we’ve been receiving some bad news at Cope. With COVID going on, it seems as if we don’t really have anything good to look forward to anymore. Do not fret, my friend. I bear some extremely good news for you.  Three new Cope babies! Well, in other words, three Cope teachers will each be having a daughter of their own this year! How incredible is that? It’s just completely wonderful. The three teachers that will be having a daughter of their own are Mrs. Carnes, Mrs. Ramos, and Mr. Vasquez. For this article, I interviewed all three of them, and they are all more than happy to share the good news with you all!

     Our first teacher is Mrs. Carnes, an 8th grade Math I teacher. Her baby is due May 24th, and she will be taking maternity leave around the last few weeks of school up until most of next school year’s first semester. Mrs. Carnes stated, “I am working on trying to find the best sub available to my students. (They) are still challenged everyday but also met with compassion, since that is part of my teaching philosophy. I hope that my students still succeed and work hard to learn the necessary material until I get back into the classroom.” So, if you’re a student of Mrs. Carnes, make sure to keep up the good work! “I do have a little puppy named Ember,” Mrs. Carnes replied after being asked how she thinks her pet will react to a new baby, “and she will be almost 2 when the baby arrives. I am probably the MOST nervous about how she will react to the baby. I think she will become very maternal around the baby but I also think she will hate the crying haha. It is so hard to predict so I try not to think about this too much either.” Yes, definitely. Pets can be the most unpredictable when it comes to a little human-being with tiny toes. Mrs. Carnes was then asked if she has decided on a name for her daughter yet. “We have decided on a name,” she responded, “but we’ll be keeping it a secret until she makes her grand debut to the world! We actually call her “Fig Newton” right now (all my husband’s creation haha). There isn’t a lot of meaning behind it, we both just really loved the name and I am really big into NO way of shortening someone’s name as a nickname (EX: Joseph can be called Joe, I don’t like that). So this name can’t be shortened, but her middle name is a family name.” Sorry, but I am in love with the name ‘Fig Newton’. It sounds so adorable. Mrs. Carnes was asked what her one hope for her daughter’s future is, and she responded, “That she knows she is capable of achieving ANYTHING she sets her mind to and that she never lets anyone take away or diminish one of her dreams! I want her to have the world and I will do whatever I can to help make that happen.” That’s really inspirational, and I totally agree.

     Our next teacher is Mrs. Ramos, who currently teaches 8th grade English. She already left for maternity leave on March 19th, since her baby is due on the 20th, and will return near the end of the school year. Mrs. Ramos stated, “I’m excited to have a little sidekick and bestie. I also cannot wait for her to have all the adorable bows for her hair.” I have set up a wonderful long term sub that has experience in distance learning and our digital platforms. I hope my students will stick to their curriculum and come up with creative ways to express themselves while I am gone. I cannot wait to see what they come up with in their writing.” Mrs. Ramos stated when asked what she’ll do for her students while she’s gone along with what she hopes her students do. She was then asked how she has prepared herself for when the time comes. “I am an avid crossfitter and live a very active lifestyle and always have. I have continued to stay active while pregnant. I work out every day as well as walk my dogs. I have also taken multiple online courses on pregnancy and newborns to stay educated and informed.” Speaking of precious dogs, when asked how her pets would react to a new human-being in the house, Mrs. Ramos answered, “I have two dogs that have already shown their love for the baby. They already hang out in her nursery whenever they have a chance and are very protective of their mom. I think it will be an adjustment for them but they will love her as much as I already do when she comes.” That’s just so precious! Mrs. Ramos also can’t wait to play with and read to her new baby. According to her, her dogs play with the baby’s several toys whenever they can. Now, an interesting question was asked to Mrs. Ramos. She was asked if she has had any weird cravings. She had an interesting answer in store. “I haven’t had any crazing cravings but lately I’ve been craving Jacinto Farms strawberries and fresh fruit.” Jacinto Farms strawberries are so very specific, but so very interesting. Let’s find out more about Mrs. Ramos’ baby! Mrs. Ramos was asked if her baby has a name yet, and she replied, “We have. Her name will be Adalynn Christine Ramos, Addie for short. I have a shortened name and love it so we wanted to give her a name with a shortened version as a nickname. Her middle name is the same as her maternal grandmother.” What about her one hope for her daughter’s future? “I hope that she strives to follow her dreams no matter how out of reach they seem and to never let anyone or anything hold her back from following her heart.” That’s extremely meaningful!

     Last but not least, our P.E teacher, Mr. Vasquez. He actually won’t be going on maternity leave, so he’ll be here at Cope. His daughter is due May 27th. According to Mr. Vasquez, he and his wife have three top choices for their daughter’s name, but haven’t picked one yet. He was then asked what feelings he experiences at the thought of having a daughter of his own, and he responded, “So much excitement. I have been excited from the moment we found out. I do not think that will ever go away.” He was also asked what he looked forward to most about having a daughter. “I am looking forward to watching her grow and chance the world whether it is large or small. I want her to change the world for the better,” he replied. I’m gonna start crying tears of joy because of all of these responses. According to Mr. Vasquez, he’s already prepared himself by doing lots of research, such as reading books and online blogs. Listen here, students of Coach Vasquez. He was asked what he hopes his students do for the rest of the year, and he said, “I hope that my students WORKOUT EVERYDAY!” He’s made that very clear. He was asked if he plans on having his daughter attend Cope. “Yes I do, I went to Cope and had my Dad (Mr. Vazquez 8th grade Math) teach me while I was there and I know that all the teachers on campus will make sure she gets a great education.” Lucky girl. She’ll get the chance to go to school with both her grandpa and dad! If the three new Cope baby girls were to form a girl band, Mr. Vasquez said that their band name would be “The Rockin’ Eagleletts”. Gnarly. Last but not least, he was asked what his one hope for his daughter’s future would be. “I hope that she knows that she can do anything she wants in this world. She will know that she is loved, and nothing will ever change that and that Her mother and I will always support her dreams no matter how big or small.” Again, that’s really inspirational!

     That wraps it up. Three teachers at Cope will be having a daughter of their own soon. They all seem extremely excited and full of joy! I’m honestly touched by their responses, especially when they were asked what their one hope for their daughters’ future was. I know that these three Cope teachers are going to turn out to be AMAZING and EXTRAORDINARY parents. Be sure to send them positive messages, and hopefully they’ll do a really cool baby reveal soon…hehe. So wait patiently, because the three new Cope babies shall be arriving soon.



-As this article is being posted, we have recently been informed that Mrs. Ramos has already given birth to her daughter on March 27. She and her daughter, who is now known as Adalynn Christine, are both doing well at home.

-We have also been informed that Mrs. Carnes has also already went on maternity leave.