Happy World Frog Day!


A endangered lemur leaf frog

Kelsie V., Staff Writer

This weekend, precisely on Saturday, March 20, naturalists and conservationists galore will be celebrating World Frog Day! Did you know that 40% of all amphibians, including frogs, salamanders, and many more are endangered? For instance, the California red-legged frog, located in Southern California is facing extinction because of habitat destruction. If you are a frog lover, here are some ways to make this day a good one for you –and for frogs.


  1. Protest Pesticides

Just to make the weeds run away? To make the grass greener, you say? Well, pesticides are certainly not the way to go. Many chemical pesticides have proven to be harmful to us, and to creatures living in lakes, rivers, or creeks near our homes. Female frogs lay their eggs in a jelly-covered substance, which tastes horrible and this keeps them safe from predators and other creatures who want to gobble them up. The freshwater from the stream washes into the eggs, keeping them fresh. However, if chemical pesticides are washed into these eggs, the immune system of these poor frogs can be withered and that can cause deformities, such as 5 limbs or worse. Using organic methods of keeping your garden looking its best is the kindest way to go!


  1. Backyard Building

Many frogs are being threatened with habitat destruction, and if you want to build a home for frogs, here’s how you do it: First, start growing flowers and plants that are native to where you live, and these will attract insects and food for these amphibians to eat. Supply them with areas to hide from predators, like leaf litters or shrubs and ferns. Start a pond in your garden to give the frogs a place to lay their eggs and swim. 


  1. Stand for Wetlands 

Wetlands are frogs’ main habitat, and they need to be protected! Tell your teachers, neighbors, family, friends, anyone who you know can help, to stand for the cause of frogs, and to save their habitat!


Now you know this noble cause, try to help and save the frogs!