Harkins is Returning!


Edric W., Staff Writer

     With the COVID vaccine releasing, people are getting immunity to the virus. Because of this, businesses are slowly starting to open back up. One of these businesses is Harkins Theatre! That’s right, Harkins in the Mountain Grove shopping center is opening back up! After about 8 months, it finally opened back up on March 17! We all open our arms to the prospects of overpriced popcorn, reclining seats, and good movies. However, this is more than just a simple opening. It has some symbolic meaning, too. It symbolizes that the world is slowly getting better, that we can go outside again. Adding on to this, we have a quote from Mrs. Faulkner: “The world will go back to normal when theatres open back up.” However, this is no excuse not to wear your mask, or not to stay at home if possible. The virus is still out there, and people can still get sick. Make sure to wear your mask and wash your hands!