Welcome to the Red Zone


Sarah M., Staff Writer

     California has officially reached the red zone. We have been in the purple zone for a while, but we are out now. You may be wondering, what is the red zone and what does it mean? Well, the red zone is one of the top zones to be in, other than green and orange. It means that there are a sizable number of cases or areas that were known as COVID hotspots. In the red zone, places that are indoor can reopen. This includes gyms, movie theaters, restaurants, and more. This is good because this means that schools might be able to reopen sometime after spring break is over. Entering the red zone is special because it has been a little over a year since COVID-19 first shut everything down here in the United States. Even though things are going to open up doesn’t mean that you don’t have to follow rules. You still have to be safe and keep the people around you safe. It is going to feel new seeing people outside socializing again. With everything starting to open up again where will you go first? Will it be to a movie theater, a restaurant, the beach, or somewhere else?