Mighty Females Day

Mighty Females Day

Lilus M., Staff Writer

     This March 8 was International Women’s Day. This day celebrates mighty females from all over the world and their accomplishments. I think this is a great way to recognize all the different things females have done. But I personally believe that this shouldn’t be celebrated/recognized just for one day, or week. Just like Earth Day shouldn’t be just one day. I believe that mighty females should be proud of all of the accomplishments they’ve done each day because they’ve earned it. Anyway, for this article, I want to talk about three amazing, mighty females and what they’ve done to change the world. Also, you might realize that I always refer to girls and women as mighty females. This is because I believe that females of ALL ages are mighty in their own ways 🙂 Let’s get on with the article.

     The first mighty female I would like to talk about is Greta Thunberg. She’s my personal hero and role model for several reasons. She’s changed the world in a few years. She’s created protests that turned into a world-wide movement. She challenged important world leaders to take climate change seriously. Her powerful speeches she’s delivered have inspired so many people. She’s only a teenager, and she’s done all of that. She’s shown that anybody can do anything to change the world, no matter their age.

     Another mighty female is, as you may know, Rosa Parks. Rosa Park had so much courage to stand up for herself. But refusing her spot on the bus wasn’t the only thing. She worked with other important Black-American activists to fight for equal rights. She also helped create organizations, and she influenced the whole boy-cotting the bus movement. 

     Last but not, a mighty group of females are our teachers at school. Each and everyday, they make sure we get the proper education. They always let us know that they’re there for us. Being a student during distance learning may seem hard, but being a teacher during distance learning is a whole different story. We need to appreciate all of our female teachers and staff at Cope Middle School for all of their hard work and effort each day. Teachers and staff at Cope, keep on being mighty females.

     Overall, these are a few examples of some mighty females in this world. They proved that a female is capable of doing anything. Know this, dear reader…you have no limits to your goals and dreams.