ASB’s First-Ever Virtual Talent Show


Josephine H., Staff Writer

Recently, ASB announced that they will be hosting their first-ever virtual talent show! So if you have any talents you want to show off, here’s the thing for you! All submissions are due by April 9th, and your video should be about 2-3 minutes long. You can showcase any talent, for example playing an instrument, dancing, or singing.


Make sure to keep the video appropriate, and if it is over 3 minutes long, it will be edited as seen fit. You don’t introduce yourself, that will be done by an ASB representative, so be sure to be specific when entering your name and grade level in this form. Before submitting your talent, read the Requirements and Options doc here so you know exactly what to do. Make sure to include a still-frame photo of yourself showcasing your talent or you and your finished product in the form.

There will be a “live” showing (via Zoom) in April and prizes will be awarded. If you have any questions, you can email Lauren Levy at [email protected] or Carol Tadros at [email protected] for more information. ASB looks forward to seeing your talents!