Marking Our One Year Inside: What’s Happened since then?


Hand flipping wooden blocks for change year 2020 to 2021 . New year and holiday concept.

Nahiara M., Staff Writer

  Since 2020, a lot has changed. March 13th marks the official one-year anniversary of quarantine, and since then a lot has happened. 

-Starting off with March, we all thought that we were getting two extra weeks of spring break, having a very easy time with grades, and working from home…Right?

-In April, school continued online, grades were easy and the SBAC test was canceled. Soon masks and outfits were matching, and we were finding creative ways to stay stylish.

 -In May, everything continued to be very easy. and we all started to notice a difference in plants and growth as pollution died down. 

-In June, we saw protests, fuel spills, second lockdowns, and a very boring summer inside.                               

-In July, the Nantes Cathedral in France was on fire, and summer continued, long and uneventful.      

-In August, Covid cases went down, school started up and went back online, and there were Apple fires and a state of emergency call for California. 

-In September, fall was at its peak. Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away, and the first political debate between Trump and Biden occurred. 

-In October, Halloween was not officially canceled but many stayed inside, finding creative ways to celebrate.

-In November, school continued as usual, while voting started in the US, and new protests emerged all over the world. 

-Finally, in December, Christmas had arrived. The Christmas star was seen, winter break started, and there was much anticipation for the New Year. The new vaccine had also been tested and distributed to the public.

-In January 2021, the New Year had arrived and our time in winter break had ended. Biden was sworn in as president, rioting at the capitol began, and 5 new coronavirus updates were announced. 

-In February 2020, the Super Bowl and Chinese New Year had come, and the first few cases of the African Covid strain occurred in California.

     Since March 13, 2020, a lot has happened and a lot has changed. Though the journey was hard, it has had its perks as well.