Fun Things To Do During Spring Break

In about two weeks, it’ll be Spring Break. With everyone staying home because of the pandemic, is there anything special you can do during this two-week break? Of course there is! You can spend more time with your family, or be more outside and get active. Here are five great ways to spend your time during Spring Break.


  1. Hiking – go on a hike out in the wilderness or on the beaten road up in the rolling hills of Southern California. I guarantee that you’ll feel more centered!
  2. Reading – grab your favorite book and read it for the 17th time, or branch out by picking up books at Barnes and Noble, or a local bookstore. You can even listen to a new audiobook you’re interested in. It’s a great way to disconnect from the real world that doesn’t involve video gaming.
  3. Movies – sit down and watch a family movie along with your parents and siblings, or brace yourself for a horror movie that’ll have you sleepless at night. Disney recently released its newest animated movie, Raya and the Last Dragon on Disney+. It’s currently only available with Premier Access, but it might be worth a try!
  4. Baking or cooking – stir up something sweet in the kitchen or cook a delicious meal for your family to eat with you. You get to enjoy the sweet fruit of your labor while having an understanding of the hard work to make it.
  5. Craft time! – get out the glue sticks and markers: it’s time to get creative! Paint a stunning masterpiece or make a beautiful wreath out of natural materials, it’s up to you.


So how are you going to spend your break? Sit in front of your TV and play video games, or break free from the routine and go do something energizing that you love? The choice is yours.