ASB’s Virtual Read Across America Day Brings Joy to Elementary Classes


Lilus M., Staff Writer

     Each year, March 2nd is known as Dr. Suess’s birthday. This very special date is also known as Read Across America. I’m sure you know of it. Teachers give out reading logs, or special guests visit to read a certain book. Our school’s ASB knows that Read Across America is worth celebrating. Last year, ASB walked all the way to Kingsbury to visit some classes and read to them! If you want to know more about ASB’s visit to Kingsbury for Read Across America, be sure to find the article in the Talon Online titled “ASB Goes to Kingsbury”. 

     So, obviously, ASB wasn’t able to do what they did last year due to Covid-19. But ASB wouldn’t let Covid ruin the fun of Read Across America Day. This March 2nd, ASB students read to elementary classes from different schools. There were a total of eighteen classes. That’s actually a lot, and it was really generous of ASB to take some time to read! 

     Some ASB students got to read to the actual classes through zoom, while others made videos that could be played anytime. Those who live-read created a creative, visual slideshow, or presented a PDF with pictures. “It was really fun reading and talking to the kids and the teachers were super nice!” says Mira M., a 7th-grade ASB member. 8th-grade ASB member Ruby W. also says, “It was really fun being able to read to the little kids, and they seemed to enjoy the book.”

    Those who made a video edited it in a way that made it entertaining. 8th grader ASB executive Sophia R. stated, “We were able to convert Read Across America to distance learning which is really cool! I made a video of me reading and it makes me happy that so many elementary classes saw it.”

     All ASB students put in a lot of effort and time into their presentations. They all had a great time reading to classes. “I really enjoyed reading to the kids and hearing their questions afterward! I would totally read to the little ones again!” stated 7th grader Alayna J., an ASB member. 

     Overall, although Read Across America wasn’t celebrated like it usually was, ASB made it special through zoom. All elementary classes really appreciated it, and they had a ton of fun. ASB’s advisor Mrs. Clark stated, “Read Across America was different this year, but ASB kept our tradition alive! Nine ASB students visited virtual elementary classrooms at Kingsbury, Mission, Smiley, and Kimberly to read children’s books to students in grades kindergarten through fifth. Other ASB students videoed book readings, so teachers could share additional stories with their students. Overall, it was a fun day to celebrate Read Across America, keep our traditions alive, and do something out of the ordinary during the school day.”